Hayden's story has inspired miracle makers across the nation and impacted numerous families awaiting organ transplants.

Here are just a few of their stories. 


Rick Lofgren

Rick Logren, Child Organ Transplant Association president, explains the importance of supporting pediatric organ transplant and advocates for Hayden's Hope. 

Ja'Net Brown

Ja'Net Brown describes how Hayden's Hope supported her family through her son's multiple surgeries and medical expenses.

McMicken Family

Amanda Gard

John and Sarah McMicken share how their son, Charlie, overcame 10 months in the hospital and a heart transplant while supported by Hayden's Hope.

Tim Tebow

ESPN Analyst and NFL Quarterback Tim Tebow takes a minute to raise awareness for the Hayden's Hope mission.

Amanda Gard shares her son, Wyatt's story and encourages donations to assist families in similar situations.