You don't HAVE to give money (though you can!)

Big Daddy's Blood Donation Center

I know we're always asking for your money.  I mean, that's kind of what we're after, right?  Your money helps families deal with the incredible financial burdens they face while their child waits for the organ that will save his or her life. So, yes, we'd love for you to consider making a holiday-time donation to Hayden's Hope.  Our initial goal is $50,000 and we are now over halfway there.  We feel great about that but know there is a long way to go to get to where we really want to be.  Your donation honors those families and at the same time, honors our incredibly special little boy who lit up the lives of everyone he met during his 39 days. 

I'll stop asking for your money now (though we'd love a donation!) - time to ask for something else.

Giving Thanks and Auctioning Footballs

Sorry it's been so long (too long) since we've updated this site with a new blog.  The "forward movement" continues... slowly but surely.  Unfortunately, holidays aren't all filled with the JOY they should be filled with, at least not right now.  Yesterday we were supposed to be giving thanks for our newest baby boy.  We couldn't.  30 days from now, on Christmas, we are supposed to have three kids on our laps in the morning.  We won't.  Pardon my French, but that sucks.  Badly.  But it's life.  So while Jenn and I continue to put one foot in front of the other, we are thankful for a few things.  We're very thankful for Nick and Nahla - as they help us get through this difficult time.  We're thankful for ESPN for all they've given us and for the opportunity to be a part of this great company.  We're thankful for the incredible friends we have made here in the beautiful Charlotte area.  Hayden created incredible friendships for us... mostly with the fantastic caretakers at Levine Children's Hospital.  And we're thankful for all of you who have given to Hayden's Hope.  This foundation has given us so much to work for and so much satisfaction, knowing that Hayden will forever be helping others.  And your generosity is allowing that to happen, so THANK YOU. 

I know that many of you give to charitable organizations as part of your holiday season traditions.  If you do, PLEASE consider Hayden's Hope.  In this season of giving, please consider helping families of children

You Give, You Get

Okay - my buddy Mike Fletcher, "Fletch," is stepping up BIG-time for Hayden's Hope.  Not only did he give $400 to the foundation with his $5 a point for Oklahoma and $2 a point for Texas (plus some) in the Red River Rivalry (55-17 Sooners)... he is now offering sports fans in and around Oklahoma a sweet deal...

See, Fletch owns Totally Tickets - he's got your OU, your OSU, your Thunder tickets - and he is offering anyone who pledges and donates at least .50 a point on the Sooners this weekend when they host Texas Tech - a $25 discount on OU, OSU or Thunder tickets... What a deal... Fletch, Jenn and I cannot thank you enough for your generosity!

This is Fletch's Facebook post about his offer:


My good friend Shea Daugherty (Texas grad/huge Horns fan) came up with the idea last night!!  Celebrate the 106th Red River rivalry by making a donation to Hayden's Hope!!   We challenged Sooner fans and Longhorn fans to chip into a great cause in honor of a great rivalry and a great little boy that gave us 39 days of life and taught all of us what's important in life. 

OU/Texas - Great Rivalry - Let's Have Some Fun

Saturday Morning, Oklahoma and Texas (or Texas and Oklahoma, depending on who you root for), play for the 106th time... As most of you know, I am a die-hard Sooner but have to give it up to my great friend Shea Daugherty, a die-hard Longhorn for this idea. 

Here it is.

In honor of two passionate fan bases, one incredible little boy who gave us 39 days we will never forget, and a great cause that helps families of children awaiting transplant (as Hayden did), let's raise some money! 

In honor of this 106th Red River Rivalry, we are asking you to consider donating $106 dollars to Hayden's Hope!  BUT... if $106 is too much, give whatever you can.  Are you a Texas fan that thinks you'll score 35 on the OU defense?  Give $35.  Are you an OU fan who thinks OU will win by 52 (hey, it's happened before), give $52 - wanna give $5, give $5... anything is appreciated and helpful! 

Wow, That Was Hard

Most of the time, I'm okay.  I find ways to distract myself from facing the fact that Hayden didn't make it.  Then, there are things that just jump up and bite me. 

Today, my former station, KOTV, in my hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma wanted to do a story on Hayden's Hope.  OF COURSE I was in favor - absolutely!  It gets the foundation out there... to more people... maybe they'll want to give whatever they can give.  And when Dan Bewley, the reporter, was asking me questions, I answered them without any problem.  Then, just watching the story online, , I barely made it.  The pictures, hearing somebody ELSE tell the story, brought it all back.  I'm not sure why that did it, but it did. 

Nicely done, Charlie!!

So one of the things we are adamant about, after living through Hayden's journey, is giving blood.  Yes, organ donation is huge and we will push that as long as we are around, but giving blood is just as important.  In his five and a half weeks of life, Hayden was the beneficiary of many blood donations.  Please consider giving blood if you haven't before. 

Charlie, a "twitter friend" from Montreal gave blood today (Wednesday).  Gotta LOVE the pic!



What Matters Most

Re-posting a blog message I posted on Caring Bridge a few weeks ago. I was reminded today of what truly matters most as I was having lunch with one of Hayden's very special ICU nurses, Patti. Hayden has taught us all so much~ and today I saw how much beauty and kindness remains in the world. For all those special people who took care of our son along this journey, I thank you again...



It was only a week ago that we lost our precious Hayden and yet it seems like an eternity... the sadness and the longing for him make every day longer and the nights seem endless. I passed by his picture on my way into another room and a wave of pain hit me so hard I could barely breathe. I'm so afraid I will FORGET what his hair felt like, his sweet baby smell, or how his little nose was the exact duplicate of Nicolas' nose.

Thanks to COTA... and Sports Illustrated.

Wow.  I can't believe how quickly this website got up and running.  It was 15 days ago that Jenn and I lost our 39-day-old son, Hayden.  It's been a difficult time for our family.  Many of you who read this may have gone through something similar and can relate.  Others cannot.  But we appreciate, immensely, the support those from both groups have given us. 

We are incredibly hopeful that Hayden's Hope will help families for years to come.  We thank COTA for getting this site and fund set up and look forward to working with them for as long as possible.

September 2011 Journal

Thursday, September 29, 2011 9:03 AM, EDT
Hayden's Legacy Lives On

First of all, let me tell the world how incredibly proud I am of my beautiful wife Jenn.  Her strength in these days has astounded me.  She will tell you (and she does tell me) that she has not been strong, but she's lying to all of us.  Her posts indicate her strength.  So do the things she does on a daily basis with the three of us at home. 

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