The Ocampo Christmas Miracle

On Dec. 24, 2012, Cisco and Cora Ocampo received the greatest Christmas present they could ask for: the gift of life for their child.

Their second son, Jordan Ocampo, was diagnosed with kidney failure at his 12-month-old checkup in July of 2010. For two years, Jordan endured numerous check ups and constant vomiting, all while being on at home dialysis. The bills associated with taking care of Jordan quickly stacked up, and the Ocampo’s found themselves in a serious financial situation.

After struggling financially, they decided to contact the Children’s Organ Transplant Association for aid and received a gift from Hayden’s Hope.

Not long after Jordan’s transplant, the Ocampo’s discovered that Jordan’s older brother Luke, born in 2007, would also need a kidney transplant soon. Luke was born with congenital hypoplasia, or smaller than normal kidneys, and he was expected to have delayed kidney failure.

Thankfully, on July 4, 2014, Luke received his kidney transplant, and the family received another surprise gift from Hayden’s Hope.

Though the organ transplant process is a worrisome and painful experience, it’s one that is made easier through the generosity of others.

“Please carefully consider supporting the legacy of giving hope to kids that have transplant and related needs,” Cisco said. “We love Hayden’s Hope so much.”

The donations received from Hayden’s Hope have helped the family continue a healthy life together, as it has and will with numerous others.

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